U.S. Embassy: Moscow Students Warmly Welcome Back

After his first educational outreach in Saint Petersburg, Koyamada hopped into a famous Russian high-speed train to Moscow and continued his Russian tour for his second and third educational outreaches there. This was his second time visiting Moscow after his first visit for an event in October, 2019.

With U.S. Embassy Russia in collaboration with KIF Russia, Koyamada was welcomed by a full of over 250 Russian youth to inspire them to pursue a higher education and their dreams by sharing his personal experience at the Soglasie Hall venue in Moscow. The students were very excited about his 20-minute talk and another 15-minute Q&A afterwards. More importantly after his lecture, they got so enthusiastic to have an amazing opportunity to greet him in-person briefly with some questions one by one and get their photos taken and autographed for another hour and half. Koyamada was impressed by their interests and passions on pursuing a higher education and making their dreams one day.

Next morning, Koyamada greeted the head of KIF Russia's organizational partner The Union of Russian Cities at its office and thanked them for co-hosting the 2019 Russia-United States Municipal Forum in Moscow with wonderful Russian mayors and local government officials from across the country and welcoming Koyamada and other U.S. sister cities delegation to the event back in October, 2019.