U.S. Embassy: Fostering Youth Leadership in Novosibirk

As part of EducationUSA in Russia in collaboration with KIF Russia, Koyamada continues his Russia tour on educational and cultural outreaches now in Novosibirsk, a center of Siberia and the third-most populous city in Russia.

Over 200 Novosibirsk students enthusiastically gives Koyamada a warm welcome with lots of energy, despite of the city being one of the coldest places in Russia. Koyamada was impressed by how energetic they were and surprised by the large number of attendance who came out to attend the event in an extreme cold weather outside. The students were very pleased to hear his life story moving to a foreign country to pursue his childhood dream in acting and how he achieved it.

After the successful lecture at a hotel, Koyamada paid a visit to exchange dialogue on sister cities and people-to-people exchanges with the head of International Relations of Novosibirsk city government at the City Hall. The city has 14 sister cities, including two sister cities with the United States and one in Japan. The international head explain to him what the city does in sister cities exchanges and was excited to collaborate with Sister Cities International and KIF Russia on people-to-people exchanges.