U.S. Embassy: Youth Empowerment in Vladivostok

As part of the ongoing tour in five different cities all across Russia, Koyamada lastly arrived in Vladivostok and continued to engage another 150 local Russian students to inspire them to pursue their dreams and address them about the importance of pursing a higher education by sharing his personal experience and story for 20 minutes, followed by 15- minute Q&A. In collaboration with KIF Russia and EducationUSA, this lecture marked 7th for him to complete during his ongoing Russian tour on educational and cultural outreaches.

Despite the winter storm outside of the event venue at a hotel, the room was packed with enthusiastic youth who participated from different parts of the city and were exited to welcome him to the city.

Koyamada seemed surprised of seeing the actual ocean so frozen that local people were walking and fishing from the top of the ocean because where he lives in Los Angeles, the ocean never freezes no matter how cold it gets during Winter.