Visiting Okinawa Ruble Pre-School Kids

Arriving at Naha International Airport in Okinawa, Shin Koyamada was picked up and transported by an KIF Okinawa staff member and driven to the Okinawa Ruble Pre-School, which is managed by one of SKF Okinawa's staff members.

Koyamada was touched by the greeting at the pre-school where teachers and 15 children enthusiastically waived a handmade banner with the message, "Welcome! Mr. Shin Koyamada." Koyamada didn't see it coming and was very touched and happy with the children's reception. He also recognized some of the children from an English Book Reading he did at Urasoe City Library during a visit to Okinawa last year. Some of the children also remembered him. Before heading to the next location, the kids took photos with him.

2013/04/15 Visiting Okinawa Ruble Pre-School Kids