A Conversation With Shin Koyamada and U.S Airmen

After visiting the pre-school children, Shin Koyamada was transported to the U.S. Air Force Kadena Air Base in Okinawa City, Okinawa. His second time back in as many years, Koyamada was reunited with Professor Scott Goldberg and the US Airmen, where he had a casual gathering with the troops at the same Base chapel as last year.

Koyamada returned to the base to not only inspire the servicemen to pursue their own American dreams but to also promote US-Japan friendship. He was happy see some familiar and new faces at the gathering. After speaking with the troops for 20 minutes, each individual introduced themselves and spoke about why they joined the military, shared their future dreams and what they wanted to achieve in the immediate future. The gathering was announced in advance of Koyamada's arrival through the military media network and anyone from the Base was welcome to join in and meet him.

After each soldier had finished speaking about their goals, Koyamada took photos with everyone. The troops thanked Koyamada for his time and expressed their joy in hanging out with him.