Education for International Understanding @ University

KIF Okinawa and Okinawa International University hosted the lecture event “Education for International Understanding” by Shin Koyamada before 200 freshman University students, University professors and the Dean in Ginowan City, Okinawa. It was broadcasted by Okinawa Television (OTV).

Professor Masaki Miyamori gave opening remarks and welcomed guest speaker Koyamada and thanked the KIF Okinawa team for organizing the event. KIF Okinawa Deputy Executive Director Mr. Holland then introduced Koyamada.

Koyamada talked about his experiences following high school graduation when he moved to the US by himself to pursue his American dream, attended an ESL school, entered an American Community College then continued to live and work in the United States. He shared that living and working outside of Japan gave him different positive perspectives about Japan. He also addressed them on the importance of understanding multiculturalism and cultural diversity.

His 40-minute talk and 30-minute Q&A session proved to be very engaging to the students as they welcomed any advice he could offer on how they too could do something similar. The event ended with group photos and autographs.

2013/04/17 Education for International Understanding @ Okinawa International University