A Conversation with Shin Koyamada: Global Leadership

At University of Okayama, of the most prestigious national universities in Okayama, Japan, Chairman Shin Koyamada gave an inspirational lecture before approximately 200 undergraduate students from the university sharing his own story of moving to the United States from his hometown Okayama to pursue his own dream and achieving them, studying in an American college and his personal experience in Hollywood industry and starting up his won American company Shinca Group and nonprofit organization KIF (Koyamada International Foundation).

The university warmly welcomed him and the students were very much pleased to meet him and hear his motivational speech from him directly and ask him questions afterwards. After his speech finished, Koyamada was joined by two professors from the university and got asked some questions from them.

Koyamada said to the students, "It was my privilege to be invited by Okayama University and have an opportunity to share my experience and encourage all of you to cultivate global mindset and leadership."