Board of Education: Global Workshop For Youth Students

Presented by Okayama Prefecture Board of Education, KIF President and CEO Nia Lyte was invited to lecture in English approximately 100 Japanese high school students who were selected from different public high schools that focus on international education.

At the event, Nia addressed how important it is to cultivate global mindset and learn about multiculturalism and diversity by sharing her own experience of moving to the United States as an immigrant and spending a lot of time throughout Japan.

The youth students were very pleased to hear from such an inspirational woman speaker like herself and motivated to open their own horizon to explore different culture, people and countries as well as studying English. As part of the lecture, Nia invited some of the students to show them how to hug and introduce themselves in English.

Besides, Nia shared her passion of getting involved in charity activities through KIF (Koyamada Internation Foundation) and talked about how significant it is to help different communities for world peace.