2018 Japan Floods Relief Efforts in Okayama, Japan

KIF (Koyamada International Foundation), a 501c3 charity organization based in the U.S. and Japan, has been working non stop since July 7th, 2018 raising relief funds day and night to help victims of the Japan's largest historic rain and flood disaster that have battered the southwest of the country.

The floods and landslides affecting Hiroshima and Okayama prefectures in particular are a tragedy. Hundreds of people have died and are still missing. Japanese residents became homeless overnight loosing everything. Some people fled to rooftops and balconies and waved desperately at hovering rescue helicopters. More than 3 million people have evacuate so far.

Shin Koyamada, a founder of KIF, an actor from The Last Samurai and Disney's Wendy Wu Homecoming Warrior, is originally from Okayama Prefecture where he's serving as a Goodwill Ambassador, and his family members and friends were also affected by this catastrophic natural disaster that had never happened before in history and seeped in brown water spreading like a huge lake.

Koyamada quotes; "Thank you to everyone who has contribute to this fund to help directly the victims in Japan. My parents had to evacuate, my cousin was rescued before her house sinked under water, some friends have died and others are missing. My deepest condolecenses to all the families who have lost loved ones in this natural disaster. My wife Nia Lyte and our team at KIF is working very hard coordinating with our on ground volunteers in Tokyo the transportation of the basic needs to the victims of Okayama & Kurashiki area. I am grateful for all of your support."

The victims lost their homes, belongings and everything over night and escaped through their windows and rooftops to save their own lives waiting to be rescued.  You can also buy a Japanese T-Shirts that says "I Love Okayama" or "I Love Kurashiki" here at the Japanese official site; http://iloveokayama.jp/shop/tshirts/ (in Japanese) and share this link with friends and family.