Meeting Victims of 2018 Japan Floods Disaster in Okayama

KIF Chairman Shin Koyamada met with some Japanese victims of the 2018 Japan Floods, the Japan's largest historic rain and flood disaster that have battered the southwest of the country, in his hometown Okayama Prefecture, Japan. Shin gave them relief funds that KIF has raised and visited some of the disaster areas where hundreds of people have died and were missing. Japanese residents became homeless overnight loosing everything. Some people fled to rooftops and balconies and waved desperately at hovering rescue helicopters. More than 3 million people have evacuated.

Shin quotes; "I took a good walk going around the directly affected areas for a few hours and visited some of the devastated empty houses and talked to the victims in the community who lost their homes and their loved ones. They need helps. After four months past the disaster,  there are still so many people staying in some evacuating centers with no home to go back. We need to continue our efforts to help them and recover the community."