São Paulo: Japan Pavilion, Japan House, Japan Cemeteries

At KIF Brazil (Koyamada International Foundation), Chairman Koyamada was invited by the Japanese Brazilian leaders to the Japan Pavilion in São Paulo, Brazil, which was built jointly by the Japanese government and the Japanese-Brazilian community and donated to the city of São Paulo in 1954, to commemorate the 400th anniversary of São Paulo.

The building’s material was shipped from Japan and its structure is a replica of the Katsura Palace in Kyoto and was built based on traditional Japanese architecture in the Shoin style, used in homes and the homes of the samurai aristocracy.

After walking the well-maintained Japanese garden around the building, he fed dozens of Japanese Koi fishes and took a walk to see the exhibition of Japanese art, samurai clothes, pottery, sculptures and a tea room. At the end, he signed the guest book at the Pavilion.

At the Japanese cemeteries and cenotaphs right next to the Japanese Pavilion in the same park, Koyamada was welcomed by the Japanese Brazilian leaders to pay respect and offer flowers to Japanese immigrants who have moved all the way from Japan 110 years ago in 1908. Japan’s Princess Mako of Akishino in mid 2018, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in 2014 and other government ministers have also visited this place and offered flowers in the past. He also signed the guest book at the site.

Koyamada said, "As an immigrant myself from Japan, I felt fortunate to be invited by the Japanese Brazilian community in Brazil to able to visit these places when it was such an important time for them celebrating 110th anniversary of Japanese immigrants."

As KIF Brazil's activities continue in São Paulo, Koyamada stopped by the popular JAPAN HOUSE São Paulo where the global initiative by the Japanese Government aims to "create a vision of contemporary Japan." Opened May 2018, Japan House combines art, technology, and business to offer an escape to present day Japan.

Koyamada said, "Japan House São Paulo is excellent place to showcase today’s Japan and bridge Japan, massive Japanese Brazilian community and other Brazilian communities! Through KIF Brazil, I am excited to plan a variety of events at the Japan House São Paulo! A Brazilian guide at the Japan House actually lived in my hometown Okayama and speaks fluent Japanese! Simply surprised."