KIF Kenya: Inspiring 300 Students at Mount Kenya University

On November 13th, Mount Kenya University in partnerships with KIF Kenya organized a lecture event for KIF Global Chairman Shin Koyamada to inspire over 300 Kenyan undergraduate students at the University in Nairobi, Kenya. Mount Kenya University is the largest private university in the East and Central Africa, with a student body in excess of 52,000, as at September 2015.

Following the greetings by some of the senior executives of the University in the beginning, Karate practitioners from the Karate Club of the University welcomed Koyamada with an amazing Karate performance as Koyamada holds 3rd degree Black Belt.

After the performance and greetings by the practitioners, Koyamada begun empowering the young Kenyan students with different majors by sharing his personal experience how it was like to move to the United States alone and how he started his career in Hollywood for about 30 minutes, followed by Q&A for another 30 minutes.

The students were very pleased to have him at the University and excited to hear every minute of his speech and his inspiring personal experience pursuing his dream. English is Kenya's first language so it was very easy for Koyamada to converse with Kenyan students who had many good questions for him.