Kenya: girls empowerment with U.S. Embassy Kenya




As part of KIF Kenya's program on empowering girls and women, the Embassy of the United States, Kenya organized a local community outreach for KIF Global Chairman Shin Koyamada and KIF Kenya's board members to visit "Boxgirls Kenya" to learn about what the organization does and support them to achieve their dreams ans girls through training in martial arts. Boxgirls Kenya's mission is to create a world where women and girls lead dignified lives in secure communities, where they are valued as equal members and have control over their bodies.

As Koyamada is a long-time martial artist himself in various martial arts styles, he understands the true value of trainings in martial arts like Boxing not only to learn physical skills for self-defense, but also to develop one's character and disciplines minds, body and spirits. Koyamada was very pleased to hear from the girls how Boxing is impacting their lives in a positive way.