Games and iPads Given To Patients At Children’s Hospital

As part of the ongoing efforts of KIF USA's StarAngel School project, we are excited to see children at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) with new iPads and new Game Kiosk equipped with a gaming console, monitor, and assortment of games we have donated directly to the Child Life Program of CHLA. We would also like to thank the Gihon Foundation to support the project.

We understand that COVID protocols require patients at the hospital to stay in their rooms at all times except when undergoing tests and only allow one parent or relative at a time to be with them. Many children are in their rooms alone as parents are fearful of transmitting the virus to them while the children are sick, and single-parent families may have other children at home that need their care. Often patients have no way to connect with their parents or loved ones while in the hospital. We have learned that the hospital has had to close all of its playrooms where children typically go to socialize, play games and just be kids.