Sponsoring Disneyland VIP Tour for Shaolin Monks from China

Sponsored by the Disney Channel, KIF presented the 32nd and 34th Generation Warrior Disciple Shaolin Masters from the Shaolin Temple of the Henan Province, China the Disneyland VIP Tour for a day.

Mr. Shin Koyamada and Nia Lyte told the Shaolin Masters that they have been dedicated themseves whole lives to training in the Temple since three years old and deserve a break so he invited the monks to the Disneyland, Califonia since his Disney Channel feature movie called Wendy Wu Homecoming Warrior, starring as a Shaolin monk/American teenager just released worldwide, which received one of the highest ratings in the U.S. and the highest ratings in England, Europe and Asia.

2009-2-5「Shaolin Monks To Disneyland VIP Tour」