Meet and Greet at Yosokan Dojo in Monterey Bay, CA

KIF hosted Mr. Shin Koyamada's visit at Yosokan Dojo in Monterey Bay, California. Mr. Koyamada briefly shared the students and instructors how training martial arts in various martial arts helped him understand the value of the rich arts and history and diciplined him to achieve his goals. He also shared them his plans and visions of the KIF in martial arts scholarship program and the United States Martial Arts Festival in order to give back and keep supporting the youth and martial arts community through his foundation.

Yosokan Dojo, owned by Mr. James Campbell, Kaiden Shihan and Chief Instructor offers classes in traditional Japanese Jujutsu and Japanese Swordsmanship. The style of jujutsu being taught is KoKoDo Jujutsu founded by Irie Yasuhiro, Soke, of Saitama, Japan. The major style of Japanese sword being presented is Muso Shinden Fudo Ikken Ryu, Battojutsu founded by Machida Kenshinsai, Soke, of Nodashi, Japan. I have been a private student of these two world class teachers for many years as well as a private student of Ivo Belmans, Sensei, of Laakdai, Belgium (KoKoDo Kyushin Ryu Kai, World Organization).

2009-8-27「Visit and Greet at Yosokan Dojo in Monterey Bay」