Lecturing Students at California State University

KIF and California State University, Monterey Bay host "A Lecture by Mr. Shin Koyamada" with approximately 50 students and University executives and staff at the Department of Teledramatic Arts and Technology (a.k.a. TAT) in Monterey Bay, California.

Mr. Koyamada inspired the students how important and privilege to receive education, be able to pursue American dreams in the entertainment industry and be able to share your visions and creativities through whether big or small screens to inspire others. Mr. Koyamada shared them how he was inspired to pursue his American dream coming from far east in Japan to the United States, what he has been through to achieve his dream in Hollywood and his future vision and plan. He also addressed how significant to volunteer to help others and talked about his foundation KIF.

2009-8-29「Lecturing Students at California State University, M.B.」